Article 15 Brewing Hosts RG Ruckers Fundraiser

Article 15 Brewing will host a fundraiser for our Ruck4HIT on Thursday, April 13, 5-7 PM.

As combat medics who served in the U.S. Army, veterans Laramie Struble and Leo Reardon know what it means to help people. It’s that philosophy which the pair have embedded into their brewery, Article 15 Brewing in Rockland, which regularly supports charitable causes in a variety of ways.

“We’ve both been around the world, and we’ve seen how bad things can be,” Struble said. “We understand that when you give, it can make the world better.”

It’s a simple idea that is making a positive difference in the community where they live and work. And it will be on full display this Thursday, April 13, 5-7 pm, when they open their doors for Ruck4HIT team RG Ruckers’ fundraiser for Heroes In Transition (HIT).

The event is the brainchild of Michael Redfield, an advisor with RogersGray who is taking on the role of captaining his Ruck4HIT squad. The team is made up of seven of Redfield’s colleagues in the company’s Kingston office who will be competing in their first-ever Ruck4HIT.

“I’m not a veteran, but I grew up at a time – I was 19 and in college when 9/11 happened – and ever since, I’ve always had a profound respect for the guys who picked up when that happened and committed themselves to defending and fighting for our country at such a young age,” said Jeffrey McSharry, an associate advisor with RogersGray.

It’s why he jumped at the chance to participate in this year’s Ruck4HIT when Redfield asked him, despite never having run anything longer than a 5K. “I’ve felt like I’ve always wanted to do anything I could in order to support a cause like this,” he said of Heroes In Transition.

The contingent are spread out among the Cape, the South Shore, and New Hampshire – McSharry lives in Hanover – and are eager to commit to a cause like HIT which is providing direct support to service members, veterans, and military families in our region.

“Outside of the office, we’ve already grown a little closer,” said McSharry. “I can’t imagine what is going to happen after we go through the experience of running this race on top of that.”

Having already raised over $2,600 for HIT, they are looking forward to this Thursday’s event which is open to the public and will feature live music, raffles, food, and cornhole. Article 15’s connection to the military makes it all the more meaningful to the RogersGray crew.

“We chose it because it is veteran-owned,” McSharry said. “The first time we went to the brewery, we were blown away because they have a section roped off for fallen soldiers with a table, placemat, and a plate. And they pour a beer every day for that section.”

It’s this type of event that Article 15 is intended to support, especially when it goes to an organization like HIT which provides the type of community that veterans need once they leave the military. “I just retired two years ago and when you’re in the military you’re used to a structure and being able to rely on each other for everything,” said Struble. “A lot of civilians don’t understand the hole veterans have when they leave the military. Having a veterans organization to support people like us – even if it’s a place to commune – is important. Article 15 tries to provide that. We’re always welcoming veterans to be together again in a spot they can trust.”  

Learn more about Article 15 Brewing, which is located at 406 VFW Drive in Rockland, here. Article 15’s fundraiser for RG Ruckers takes place this Thursday, April 13, 5-7 PM, and is open to the public.

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