Military Families Group

Our Military Families group is for families where at least 1 parent has served or is currently serving in the U.S. Military. This group is for immediate family members, meaning the parents and their children under 18.

Military Families Programs:

Family Monthly Program

FIT (Families In Transition) Program

Testimonials from people who attended a family group outing:

It felt like a mini community of people. Everyone was very welcoming even though we only knew one other family there. I could relate to the other families trying to enjoy their families without extra outside stress
It was good to be around other military families going through similar things.
It was great celebrating the military family and getting together for a fun event! We had fun on the ice….would love to do it again!
It was very fun! And the Smith Family Popcorn treat was a fun surprise! Thank you again!!
It was a lot a fun working together with not just our family but another to solve the escape room. You always go above and beyond to make sure the families have fun and feel welcome.
Getting to work closely with another family whom we were not familiar with was nice. We had a blast, the kids talked about the event the whole way home.
We enjoyed spending some fun time with our family, working as a team to solve a puzzle.
Quality family time!!
This type of event is a great way to create family memories!
Teamwork was necessary and this was a good reminder that everyone in the family unit is essential.