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“One thing I love about the HIT events is that you feel very welcome and free of judgment. This was my first Spouse event, but it still had the same safe feeling as the couples retreat event my husband and I attended last October.”SHEELA, MILITARY SPOUSE

“HIT Programs offer quality time with my wife and meeting new members and reconnecting with existing members.”AARON, VETERAN

“I loved how the Equines Warriors weekend has continued to resonate in my head, now a full 8 days after our experience. Not just the experience of the stables, but the horses themselves, which served as the vehicles to bring a group of veterans together for a weekend of healing.”TONY, VETERAN

“The Equine Warrior Weekend gave me more self-confidence and an overall positive feeling.”SAMANTHA, VETERAN

“Attending the REBOOT Female Program, I have experienced a reduction in stress and pain relief as well as improvement in my mood.”FEMALE VETERAN

“Bonding with the horse and working with the trainers and counselor was really nice. I think our whole family fell in love with our horse, Charlotte. Our family seemed to really get into learning about the whole equine routine during FIT Week. We had many questions and the counselor eagerly answered them.”LISA, MILITARY SPOUSE