About The Organization

Our Mission

Heroes in Transition (HIT) provides assistance for veterans, service members and their families not readily available from government agencies or other providers. This assistance strengthens relationships, builds community, empowers individuals and provides a pathway to healing for those we serve. HIT improves quality of life, communication, and resiliency skills for all, through responsible and professional leadership and in partnership with others. 

Our Vision

Heroes in Transition is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization recognized and respected for fostering a sense of community and belonging for and among veterans, service members and their families.  Through programs and financial support, a safe, trusting, and healthy environment is created for those we serve. 

Our Why

Heroes in Transition was founded in 2009 in memory of Capt. Eric A. Jones, a Marine helicopter pilot, who lost his life while supporting a combat mission in Afghanistan, October 26, 2009. “He flew helicopters to be close to the troops on the ground and be there to help them when they needed it most,” said Cyndy Jones, Eric’s mother and one of the founders of Heroes in Transition. The organization carries on Capt. Jones’ mission by providing assistance to those who have served or who are serving our country, especially in the Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom conflicts. 

Further information is available under the “Programs” tab on our website or by calling 508-539-1010.