Spouses Group

Our Spouses group is for spouses and significant others of veterans and active service members. We hold free bi-monthly gatherings for spouses to get together and share with each other.

Military Spouses/Partners Programs:

Spouses Program

Testimonials from people who have attended a Spouses group outing:

Family is important, but we need to care for ourselves as well. Sharing life experiences with others who get it was refreshing.
My biggest take away from today’s Coffee Chat is that I am not alone. While I am not looking for a “quick fix” to the challenges I face, it is comforting to hear that others can relate to my experience.
It was wonderful feeling NOT alone. Just being able to explain my feelings related to myself and to my spouse’s military experiences.
HIT is always a safe place for me. I’m so grateful that this is a resource for our family while we’re stationed here. Being so far away from family right now has been tough and HIT provides a home away from home with their community.
I like that it’s always a different topic and a check in. That it’s a place to bring anything to the table.
I am just so happy that this group exists and allows women and families to make connections. There were so many coastie wives there! It’s super rare so it was nice to be around those who are in the same situation as me! Keep the events coming! 🙂
It was a lot of fun and a safe space to fail! Very peaceful.
As we revisit the book GRACE TRAIL, it reminds me of the importance of being reflective and finding time to refuel myself so that I can give to others. Remembering to use what I have learned was my biggest take away today. Setting goals or intentions for the week ahead helps me move forward.
I loved learning how to paddle board and loved meeting new women. It was definitely a space open for sharing.
It was nice learning and hearing stories from the other spouses.