Spouses Program

Every other month, spouses of individuals who are serving or have served our country gather for a variety of activities followed by dining out together. Activities have included painting, trail walking, yoga, and meditation. This bonding creates a community of support for those married to veteran/military men and women.

Heroes In Transition (HIT) also offers a virtual Saturday morning Coffee Chat & Book Club. Held nearly every Saturday at 9 am, this virtual event started as a result of the pandemic and has continued ever since. The virtual chats are full of laughs, compassion, and trust, adding another layer of support to HIT’s work.

Email any questions to spouses@heroesintransition.org

I loved getting together with old friends and making new connections! I felt like we all had a connection and know what is feels like to move a lot and be away from family.
I appreciated being in a place of belonging. A safe space to be me. It was a wonderful day out with new friends.
HIT is always a safe place for me. I’m so grateful that this is a resource for our family while we’re stationed here. Being so far away from family right now has been tough and HIT provides a home away from home with their community.
This has been the closest connection I have ever felt with military spouses. I had previously felt a disconnect, like being on the outside looking in. I felt my experience was unique and that my struggles were mine alone. Now I have friends that I look forward to seeing weekly and know I could call on at any time. I feel l have something to give to the group and much to gain from the group. I have come to truly appreciate these women and am extremely grateful for our time together.
It was nice learning and hearing stories from the other spouses.
Good way to connect with ladies who have similar experiences.
This had a good sense of community, and I could relate to the demands other spouses felt from military life.
It was great to be surrounded by other military spouses and learn a little about this beautiful place we have the opportunity to live in for a few years! I was able to connect with other women being in a similar situation to myself!
I loved learning how to paddle board and loved meeting new women. It was definitely a space open for sharing.
It’s wonderful getting to share and meet new spouses. Always a safe place to share and support each other.