Spouses Program

Spouses Bi-Monthly Program
Every other month, the military/veteran spouses gather for a variety of activities followed by dining out together.

Activities include painting, trail walking, yoga, and meditation. This bonding creates a community of support for those married to veteran/military men and women.

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I loved the relaxed feel of the event. Wouldn’t change anything.
It was wonderful feeling NOT alone. Just being able to explain my feelings related to myself and to my spouse’s military experiences.
Being in a judge free & supportive environment. Feeling understood by others that “just get it.” Also utilizing the book about PTSD to spur conversation was a good idea.
After the last two years with between the pandemic and trying to keep up military life and family life, I felt like I finally had the opportunity to connect and make new friends. It was exactly what I needed!
This is one of the few places where I feel I can share and not be judged. Sharing and learning from others what they are doing to deal with situations is helpful.
I think the value of ongoing relationships that deepen over time has been the greatest take away for me. I am glad that I made the Coffee Chat connection and found the unique support that this group can provide.
I loved getting together with old friends and making new connections! I felt like we all had a connection and know what is feels like to move a lot and be away from family.
I appreciated being in a place of belonging. A safe space to be me. It was a wonderful day out with new friends.
It was a lot of fun and a safe space to fail! Very peaceful.
It was great to be surrounded by other military spouses and learn a little about this beautiful place we have the opportunity to live in for a few years! I was able to connect with other women being in a similar situation to myself!