Spouses Program

Every other month, spouses of individuals who are serving or have served our country gather for a variety of activities followed by dining out together. Activities have included painting, trail walking, yoga, and meditation. This bonding creates a community of support for those married to veteran/military men and women.

Heroes In Transition (HIT) also offers a virtual Saturday morning Coffee Chat & Book Club. Held nearly every Saturday at 9 am, this virtual event started as a result of the pandemic and has continued ever since. The virtual chats are full of laughs, compassion, and trust, adding another layer of support to HIT’s work.

Email any questions to spouses@heroesintransition.org

Family is important, but we need to care for ourselves as well. Sharing life experiences with others who get it was refreshing.
After the last two years with between the pandemic and trying to keep up military life and family life, I felt like I finally had the opportunity to connect and make new friends. It was exactly what I needed!
It’s wonderful getting to share and meet new spouses. Always a safe place to share and support each other.
I loved the relaxed feel of the event. Wouldn’t change anything.
I appreciated being in a place of belonging. A safe space to be me. It was a wonderful day out with new friends.
This was a fun new experience with ladies living a similar lifestyle. Everything was wonderful. Thank you so much!
As we revisit the book GRACE TRAIL, it reminds me of the importance of being reflective and finding time to refuel myself so that I can give to others. Remembering to use what I have learned was my biggest take away today. Setting goals or intentions for the week ahead helps me move forward.
It was eye opening to learn that my husband’s feelings related to his disability and how he is frustrated are experienced by many men who served.
It was a lot of fun and a safe space to fail! Very peaceful.
Being in a judge free & supportive environment. Feeling understood by others that “just get it.” Also utilizing the book about PTSD to spur conversation was a good idea.