Couples Retreat

2022 Fall Couples Retreat

The Couples Weekend Retreats focus on communication tools that can enhance and empower couples. These practical tools help to restore and rekindle relationships.

Our Spring Couples Retreat focuses on building a Community through teamwork and trust. Couples learn communication skills through various team-building activities.

Our Fall Couples Retreat consists of presentations by our certified P.A.I.R.S. Family Building Program facilitators. Participants receive communication tools, while enjoying the ambiance of a Cape Cod resort and the bonding with other military/veteran couples.

This bonding creates a community of support for those married to veteran/military men and women.

Our Couples Retreats are open to active and veteran military couples

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The couple’s retreat changed everything for us and brought us close together when we were falling apart. It was helpful hearing other people’s stories and realizing we aren’t the only ones.
Understanding that although our veterans are no longer serving, their time in is still very much a part of who they are and as spouses we need to consider that when we are seeing their thought patterns or behaviors which may seem somewhat put of the ordinary compared to a civilian.
The retreat was an amazing way to reconnect, to relearn our love languages since they had changed since our previous time doing it, and to show each other how important it is to have that one on one time and to be ourselves instead of being parents or workers or whatever title we hold outside of our relationship.
It has been great to find the support of others who have been though similar situations in our pasts and who are currently in similar positions as us now.
The couples weekend it was the first event we ever attended. We did things we would never do and felt close to everyone. We look forward to the next time we see everyone.
It is always great to learn or try something new and I like that the groups activities have sometimes been outside of my normal experiences. I think everything is so fun that we dont generally spend time being serious and working on relationship type things. It is fine to keep it fun but maybe finding time to do things to learn more about maintaining marriages.