Atlantic White Shark Conservancy Teams Up with HIT to Give Veterans Unique Opportunity to Enjoy White Shark Excursion

Overhead view of shark

The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy (AWSC) is partnering with Heroes in Transition (HIT) to provide military veterans an opportunity to participate in its popular white shark excursion trips this summer.

The charter experience will provide more than 20 veterans with a unique opportunity to observe white sharks in their natural habitat and witness firsthand the Conservancy’s efforts to study the species and conserve Cape Cod’s biologically diverse marine ecosystem. Each 2.5- to 3-hour charter is guided by a spotter pilot aircraft and accompanied by a Conservancy naturalist.  Passengers are also encouraged to participate in “citizen science” by adding white shark sightings to the Sharktivity app, using a hydrophone to determine if a shark has been tagged and assisting the white shark research team by recording observations.

Seven special veterans’ excursions departing from Chatham are scheduled from late-July to early-September when sharks are most commonly spotted in greater numbers off the coast of Cape Cod.

Funding for the excursions, which cost $2,500 each, was made possible by the Conservancy’s Giving Tuesday campaign, and an AWSC Board of Directors match, in November 2021.

“We’re honored to share a fascinating white shark excursion adventure with brave men and women who have served our country – it’s the least we can do,” said Cynthia Wigren, CEO and co-founder, Atlantic White Shark Conservancy. “I’m excited to work with Heroes in Transition on this project and I’m beyond grateful and humbled by the generosity of those who supported the project on Giving Tuesday, and to our Board of Directors who matched those donations.”

“One of our missions at Heroes in Transition is to build a community of support amongst our veterans and military families beyond their service and their units,” explained John Alexander, HIT’s Veterans Coordinator. “We do this through events that allow them to socialize and experience incredible programs such as the white shark excursions. Partnering with organizations in the community is vital and thanks to the incredible generosity of the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy and their partners, our veterans and service members get to take part in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to observe and learn about these magnificent creatures up close and in their natural habitat.”

2 thoughts on “Atlantic White Shark Conservancy Teams Up with HIT to Give Veterans Unique Opportunity to Enjoy White Shark Excursion”

  1. I saw your story on WCVB 5 a couple of weeks ago. It said that people could go on the tagging but it would cost more than I have. They said that if you were a Veteran it would no cost to go. I am a Vietnam veteran and would love to go on one of these tagging trips. If you have extra room for me I would appreciate it.
    Thank you,
    Michael Raymond
    436 Chapel Street
    Holden, Massachusetts 01520

  2. Michael,

    thank you for your interest in this event. We will be posting this some time in the Spring, when we finalize the dates/locations, and taking names then (it is far too early to start compiling a list at this time).

    If you wish to be placed on our email list for upcoming events, which includes the Shark Tours, simply send me an email at

    Talk soon.


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